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Moving on From Talis

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It’s all change for me again. I’ve decided to move on from Talis. Today was my last day in the office, and the end of what has been an incredible journey. Although it’s only just over a year since I joined the Talis Platform team, we’ve been constanly iterating and developing innovative solutions. A year ago, we had the opportunity to focus entirely on our next generation data platform, and I felt we had a really productive year. It has certainly been a constant learning-curve for me and forced me to seriously think about the design and implementation of distributed systems. Whether it’s been about dev-ops, continuous deployment, RDF, Jena, sparql, or zeromq, I don’t feel I’ve stopped learning. The pace has been great.

As engineers, I think we all aspire to work on great projects, preferably using cool technology to deliver great software. The last year has certainly allowed me to do that. However, what really counts is being surrounded by great people — and that’s certainly been true of working at Talis. I’ve certainly learnt a lot and have really benefited from working with some truly inspirational people.

In a few weeks time I’ll be joining the team at Black Pepper software. I’m excited about the fresh challenge, but will definitely miss my old colleagues at Talis.